Tips & Ideas

Fundraising Tips

It helps to have a fundraising goal

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Don't be afraid to aim high – after all, the more you can raise, the more people you’ll help!

Start by donating to yourself

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This shows potential donors your commitment to reaching your fundraising goal.

Make it personal

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Add photos and more information on your page. When sending an email or an SMS, take the time to address the person individually by name and include why you are inspired to support and raise funds for homeless youth. The time spent personalising each message will be rewarded with more donations.

Share the love

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Share on your social media, with an email, and through SMS. The best way to encourage your friends and family to donate is to spread the word and include the link to your personal online fundraising page. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and whatsapp are all helpful. This way your friends and family can fill out the donation details online and money can be collected with ease. We’ll even provide you with some pre-made social images to share.

Get your colleagues involved or ask your boss to help. They may offer to help or match the donations of your supporters.

Collecting your donations

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Online collection will make your life easier as all online donations come straight through to us. Each individual will be emailed a tax receipt automatically and their donations will instantly be added to your fundraising target.

You can also collect physical donations. Just be sure to take the cash and cheques to the bank as quickly as possible. Each time you make a deposit at the bank, make sure you send us a completed Request Receipt Form so our team can send your generous friends, family and local businesses their tax receipts. Each time you make a deposit, update your online fundraising target so you can see your overall total!

Here are our bank details that you’ll need to provide if you bring cash or cheques to the bank:

Account name: Property Industry Foundation

Account number: 432630

BSB: 032-134

Reference: CF [Your Surname]

Thank you, thank you, thank you

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Send them a personal SMS and email showing your appreciation for their donation. Post on your social feeds about generous supporters to make them feel special. Tag them to recognise their support. Download our thank you postcard or social tile and feel free to send them to those who help you reach your goal.

Inspiring Fundraising Ideas

Challenge yourself

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Enter a running, cycling or walking event in your local area and get sponsored. Create a team of friends or go solo and have a team cheering you on. Make a scene and compete in your event in your craziest outfit – just make sure you can go the distance!

Gold coin collection

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Run a dress-up day with a gold coin donation at your work or your sporting club.

Create your own trivia night

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Whether in person or online, hold a trivia night and see who is the most knowledgeable person in the room.

Give up something you really like

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Try going a few weeks without chocolate, coffee, avocados or even watching TV. You can be sponsored for the days, weeks, or months that you are without your favourite things.

Host a Hard Hat event

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You can set up a cake stall in your office or have a sausage sizzle on site.

Ask for donations instead of presents

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Ask your friends and family to donate to the Foundation instead of giving gifts for your birthday, anniversary or wedding.

Honour a loved one

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Sometimes the best way to honour someone is to donate in memory of them.

Your Support Helps Us...

Rebuild lives, one bedroom at a time

Our major initiative – The Haven Project (formerly the PIF House Program) – is the building and refurbishing of homes for homeless youth since 1996.

Each $1 raised is then matched with in-kind donations of skills, labour and goods from the property and construction industry.

This unique partnership doubles the value of every $1 donated.

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Turn houses into homes

Providing vulnerable young people with a place to live that's not just safe, but also homely, can contribute to an invaluable improvement in their sense of self. As the creator of homes and communities, our industry can and should play a role in addressing youth homelessness. We work collaboratively with other charities to break the cycle of youth homelessness and changing lives for the better.

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Invest in initiatives to reach at-risk youths

It is important to think about the underlying causes of youth homelessness, so supporting early intervention and initiatives that reach thousands of at-risk youth can help stop young people from becoming homeless in the first place.

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Changing Lives

So you want to fundraise for homeless youth?

There are lots of ways you can make a difference, and this is the place to start!

Walk for Good

Get out with your family, pets or challenge your workmates to map out a home for homeless youth by walking for good.

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Hard Hat

Host of a Hard Hat activity or event in August or anytime of the year. On site or in the office, decide what works for you and your team.

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Your Own Thing

Challenge yourself and make an impact – give up a bad habit, climb a mountain, run a marathon... The possibilities are endless.

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If it is a special occasion, add some extra meaning to the day by asking for donations in lieu of a gift

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Sometimes the best way to honour someone is to donate in memory of them.

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