How It Works

How to get your fundraiser started

Step 1

Decide what you want to do

Step 2

Register & create your fundraising page

Step 3

Share & promote your fundraiser


Do you have a question for our fundraising team? Take a look at our fundraising FAQs below and we may be able to answer it for you. If you don't see the question you need to ask, then call our fundraising team on 1800 313 116 or email

Can someone come and speak at my event?

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We would like to support your event any way we can, however, it is all about timing and availability so please send a request to us on and we will get back to you asap.

Can I run a raffle or a prize draw for my fundraising?

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You can run a small raffle or trade promotion in aid of the property Industry Foundation but the rules can be complicated and vary from state to state.  It depends on how valuable the prizes are and whether you are selling tickets or giving a free ticket in return for a donation.  You’ll need to check with your local state government’s lotteries and gaming department.  Click here to find yours.

Please be sure to follow the Property Industry Foundation's Community Fundraising Guidelines as you go about your fundraising. If in doubt, we are here to help. Contact us on or call on 1800 313 116

How do I bank funds raised offline?

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There is a personalised online donation page for the event where guests/supportes can make their donation, so you do not have to do the paperwork. However, if they do not want to go online, you will find a Request a Receipt Form on the Tools tab. These will enable you to process the donations or funds raised after the in-person event through the offline donation function in the My Donations section of the host’s online dashboard. Funds raised must be banked before deduction of expenses.

How do I give a receipt for a tax-deductible donation?

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Encourage people to make their donation online via your fundraising page. It's quick, easy and we'll email a receipt to your donor straight away. Donations over $2 are tax deductible.

If people give you cash or cheques, there is an easy way to pay-in the funds and issue a receipt.

Log in to your fundraising portal and click on the "My Donations" button.

Click the "Add Offline Donation" option. Complete your donor's information and proceed with paying-in the funds using your credit card. We'll email the receipt directly to your donor.

Alternatively, if you have used banked cash at the bank, you can submit this downloadable receipt request form from the Tools tab. We will need to verify that we’ve received the funds, then we’ll send you the receipt accordingly.

How do I register?

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Step 1 - Decide what you want to do

Step 2 - Register & create your fundraising page

Step 3 - Share & promote your fundraiser

What insurance do I need for my event or activity?

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The Property Industry Foundation’s public liability coverage cannot cover your activity.

If you are hosting an event where there could be a need for public liability insurance – please make sure you understand your responsibilities as the event organiser and have appropriate coverage in place.

  • The Property Industry Foundation cannot provide advice on safety management or liability.
  • It the responsibility of the organiser to plan and implement effective safety management and meet their duty of care to event participants, volunteers, employees, contractors and the public. 
  • The Property Indusry Foundation public liability coverage does not extend to third-party activities. 
  • Organisers should be aware of their personal liability and understand that they will not be covered by any policy held by the Property Industry Foundation if they proceed.
  • Anyone involved in the fundraising activity or event is doing so of their own initiative and not in an official capacity as a Property Industry Foundation volunteer. 
  • Organisers must ensure they have sufficient insurance in place. This may include insurance coverage in addition to public liability.
  • The Property Industry Foundation cannot offer advice on what coverage organisers should have in place for their event/activity.
  • The Property Industry Foundation accepts no responsibility for loss, liability or injury, occupational health & safety or welfare claims arising from any third-party fundraising event or activity. 

Please check the Property Industry Foundation's Community Fundraising Guidelines for more information as you go about your fundraising. 

Should I set up a Facebook Fundraiser?

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When you share your fundraising page on social media (great job!) for friends and family to support you, Facebook may prompt you to set up a fundraiser through them too.

Facebook is an awesome way to fundraise. However, if you choose to set up a Facebook fundraiser as well, we may not be able to always directly match Facebook raised funds to your official fundraising page, as these two pages are not connected.

Because we love to follow your journey and celebrate your huge efforts along the way, we recommend that you only use the official fundraising page we've set up for you on this website to make it easier for your supporters and us here to know just how incredible you are.

Facebook send us 100% of the funds that you raise. So, no matter what, your money will be helping homeless youth.

Your Support Helps Us...

Rebuild lives, one bedroom at a time

Our major initiative – The Haven Project (formerly the PIF House Program) – is the building and refurbishing of homes for homeless youth since 1996.

Each $1 raised is then matched with in-kind donations of skills, labour and goods from the property and construction industry.

This unique partnership doubles the value of every $1 donated.

Find out more

Turn houses into homes

Providing vulnerable young people with a place to live that's not just safe, but also homely, can contribute to an invaluable improvement in their sense of self. As the creator of homes and communities, our industry can and should play a role in addressing youth homelessness. We work collaboratively with other charities to break the cycle of youth homelessness and changing lives for the better.

Find out more

Invest in initiatives to reach at-risk youths

It is important to think about the underlying causes of youth homelessness, so supporting early intervention and initiatives that reach thousands of at-risk youth can help stop young people from becoming homeless in the first place.

Find out more

Changing Lives

So you want to fundraise for homeless youth?

There are lots of ways you can make a difference, and this is the place to start!

Walk for Good

Get out with your family, pets or challenge your workmates to map out a home for homeless youth by walking for good.

Start here

Hard Hat

Host of a Hard Hat activity or event in August or anytime of the year. On site or in the office, decide what works for you and your team.

Start here

Your Own Thing

Challenge yourself and make an impact – give up a bad habit, climb a mountain, run a marathon... The possibilities are endless.

Start here


If it is a special occasion, add some extra meaning to the day by asking for donations in lieu of a gift

Start here


Sometimes the best way to honour someone is to donate in memory of them.

Start here