Richard Drake

Steps for Homeless Youth VIC (24)

I am participating in Steps For Homeless Youth on May 10, 2024 at Albert Park Lake

Youth homelessness affects 44,000 young Australians, and each night, 1 in 3 young people are being turned away from supported accommodation services.

The Property Industry Foundation exists to solve this problem of youth homelessness. The Foundation brings together the property and construction industry to build homes for homeless youth through its Haven Project.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Tim Boyce

Nice work Drakey. Go the Tigers.


Chris Parry

Congratulations on smashing your goal, here’s a bit more to support the cause.


Michael Brooker & Team From Grosvenor Engineering Group

Great work Richard from myself and the entire Grosvenor team.


Peter Leah And Cathie Drake


Joe Phegan


Richard Drake


Brett Moody

Well done mate, good luck!


Nick Dowling

YOu should come up here and do the sleep Richard. WOuld be a bit more comfortable


Rob Howells

Good work Richard!



Legend ! Well done


Matt Mccoy

Well done mate a very worthy cause, good on you all.


Joseph Tynan

Nice work Drakey!



Well done Drakey. What a great cause. Cheers Hainesy


Paul Douglas


Jennifer Drake


Tim Lange


John Mathew

Well done Richard. Nice work


Tim Drake

We’ll done



Good work Drakey : )


Jeff Andrews

Don't upset Rach