Notice of race

Cruising Yacht Club of Australia

2023 Property Industry Foundation Regatta
Friday 10 March 2023

1 Rules

1.1 The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in the 2021-2024 Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) and the prescriptions and special regulations of Australian Sailing, except as any of these are changed by this NoR/SIs.

1.2 The Organising Authority is Cruising Yacht Club of Australia (“CYCA”).

1.3 The Sailing Committee of CYCA shall be the Race Committee for the purposes of and with the powers and discretions contained in RRS 90.1.

1.4 This document is the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions required by RRS 89.2 and 90.2.

1.3 The Race is designated Non-Spinnaker. Only a mainsail and headsails as defined by RRS 50.4 shall be used. Headsails shall not be set flying. No sail shall be set forward of a point of attachment of the permanent forestay.

2 Entries

2.1 All boats shall complete the Property Industry Foundation registration and lodge a Conditions of Entry form provided by the Organising Authority, signed by the owner/charterer and a Category 7 (or higher) Equipment Compliance Form with the CYCA Sailing Office (An entry is not complete until the Conditions of Entry is lodged).

2.2 A boat that does not meet the requirements of SI 2.1 may be scored DNC (amends RRS 78.2)

3 Notices to Competitors

3.1 Notices to competitors will be posted on the Official Notice Board located in the CYCA

4 Changes in Sailing Instructions

4.1 Any change to the sailing instructions will be posted on the official notice board before 1100 hours on the day of the regatta. IC Flag “L” will be flown from the Committee Vessel if an amendment has been made.

5 The Course

5.1 Courses:

Division 1
Start – CP - SIM– CI- OB – LB – SIM - Finish

If IC Flag “S” is displayed at the start then the course shall be:
Start – LB - SIM – CI- NP– SIM – Finish

Division 2
Start – CP – SIM - CI – NP – Finish
If IC Flag “S” is displayed at the start then the course shall be:
Start – LB – SIM – CI - EC2 – Finish

Division 3
Start – LB – SIM – CI – NP – Finish

If IC Flag “S” is displayed at the start then the course shall be:
Start – LB – SIM – EC2 – Finish

5.2 All marks are to be rounded to starboard.

5.3 Mark descriptions:

EC2 - AS mark 150m NW of EC

CI - Clarke Island

CP - AS mark at 200m west of Flagstaff on Cannae Point

LB - AS mark 150m west of Lady Bay

NP - AS mark at Nielsen Park

OB - AS mark 300m ESE Obelisk Beach in Obelisk Bay

PP - AS mark 200m north of Point Piper

SIM - AS mark SE of Shark Island (The area between the Shark Island AS Mark (SIM) and Shark
Island is a continuing obstruction and no boat shall pass between them)

AS marks mentioned in this instruction may be yellow spherical or cylindrical spar marks.

5.4 Appendix A shows the location of the racing area.

6 Prohibited Areas

6.1 The following are continuing obstructions and prohibited areas, namely:

  1. The area of Sow and Pigs Reef enclosed by an imaginary line joining all four of the Cardinal
    Marks surrounding the Reef in sequence N, E, S and W.
  2. The non-safe water side of a Cardinal Mark.
  3. The area between the Shark Island AS Mark (SIM) and Shark Island.
  4. The Start Line / Finish Line except when starting, finishing. When complying with RRS 44.2 at or near the finishing line a boat shall sail around the ends of the finishing line before finishing. (Amends RRS 28).
  5. The area between Shark Island and Shark Island Light (north of Shark Island).
  6. The area enclosed by moorings.

7 Shortened Course

7.1 The course may be shortened at any mark in accordance with RRS 32.

8 The Start

8.1 Start Signals will be made in accordance with RRS 26 with the following amendments:

Signal Flag and sound Minutes before start signal
Warning Division Flag ^: 1 sound 5
Preparatory “P” ^: 1 sound 4
One Minute “P” v: 1 long sound 1
Start Division Flag v: 1 sound 0

8.2 Division flags will be identified as follows:

(1) Division 1 – numeral pennant 1
(2) Division 2 – numeral pennant 2
(3) Division 3 – numeral pennant 3

8.3 The Warning Signal for the first division will be made at 1325 hours.

8.4 The Warning Signal for each succeeding division shall be made with or after the Start Signal of the preceding class.

8.5 A boat shall not start later than 10 minutes after its Start Signal.

8.6 A boat shall not approach closer than 100 metres to the Start Line until its Preparatory Signal has been made.

8.7 The starting line will be between the flag mast of the committee vessel flying a “CYCA” flag and a laid orange inflatable mark to port.

8.8 The start line shall be in the vicinity of Point Piper.

9 The Finish

9.1 The Finish Line will be between the flag mast of a committee vessel (which may not be the same vessel as the start vessel) and a nearby laid orange inflatable mark.

9.2 The finish line shall be in the vicinity of Rushcutters Bay.

10 Penalty Turns

10.1 RRS 44.2, Two –Turns shall apply.

11 Time Limit

11.1 The time limit shall be 1700 hours. Boats failing to finish within the time limit shall be scored DNF. This amends RRS 35.

12 Scoring

12.1 Results will be decided by the application of Time Correction Factors (TCFs) as a multiplier of elapsed time. A boat’s TCF will be determined by the Race Committee or its nominee. The TCF shall not be subject to protest or dispute. The Race Committee may amend the TCF of a boat at any time prior to the Warning Signal where the Race Committee becomes aware of any changes to the boat that may affect its performance. (Amends RRS 60.1 and 62.1)

12.2 The Race Committee may form racing divisions at its discretion. The constitution of a racing division shall not be subject to protest or request for redress. This amends RRS 60.1 and 62.

13 Prizes

13.1 Prizes will be awarded at a presentation at CYCA to be held at approximately 1800 hours.

14 Responsibilities

14.1 All those taking part in the regatta do so at their own risk and responsibility. Special attention is drawn to RRS Fundamental Rule 3, which states: “The responsibility for a boat’s decision to participate in a race or to continue racing is hers alone.”

14.2 CYCA is not responsible for the seaworthiness of a boat whose entry is accepted or the sufficiency or adequacy of its equipment.

14.3 CYCA is not responsible for any damage or injury either ashore, afloat or at sea either to persons or boats which might participate in the regatta. It is recommended that boats should have adequate insurance cover.