The Property Industry Foundation

Every night, 46,000 young Australians (Census 2021) go without a safe and secure place to sleep, leaving them vulnerable, isolated and falling behind their peers.

The Property Industry Foundation believes that every young Australian deserves a safe and secure home, in which to grow and plan for their future.

In a tangible solution, The Foundation’s Haven Project is a collaborative effort with the property and construction industry, to build and renovate homes for homeless youth. Each dollar raised is matched through in-kind donations of skills, labour and goods – making it a cost-effective model.

Once the homes are built, they are run by our capable and experienced charity partners, who ensure every resident is given the right opportunities and support to get their lives back on track.   

The Haven Project

Building and renovating homes for homeless youth.

Youth Homelessness

The Foundation has been building and refurbishing homes for homeless youth since 1996 and aims to build 300 bedrooms by 2025.

Remember, it’s YOUR Day!

You know your community best – gather your workmates around an activity or event they can really get behind. By taking part, you’ll be helping build homes for homeless youth through The Haven Project.