The Property Industry Foundation

Every night there are 44,000 young Australians without a safe and secure place to sleep. Not every young person is able to live with their family and for many, foster families are not available. They need a safe and secure place to rebuild their lives. The Property Industry Foundation exists to solve this issue.

The Property Industry Foundation believes that every young Australian deserves a safe, secure home environment – which provides a foundation of opportunity from which they can determine their future. The Foundation leads & coordinate the efforts of their industry, along with their charity partners, to create these environments.

Youth Homelessness

A tangible solution

We bring together the property and construction industry to build homes for homeless youth through a cost-efficient model, The Haven Project. The Foundation fundraises to build each home in The Haven Project, with each $1 raised, being matched through in-kind donations of skills, labour and goods by the property and construction industry. Doubling the value of every $1 donated.

The Foundation has been building and refurbishing homes for homeless youth since 1996 and aims to build 300 bedrooms for homeless youth by 2025.

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