Every young person deserves
to feel safe and secure.
That starts with a place to live.

You can help end the cycle
of youth homelessness

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“Every night, 1 in 3 young people are turned away from homelessness accommodation, and they end up sleeping rough. As a father of 5 adopted kids, this is a scary thought. I’m so grateful my kids have a safe and secure place to call home. It could have been very different for them."

John, Dad and Property Industry Foundation Supporter

John is a busy dad and husband, ADCO NSW State Manager and proud supporter of the Property Industry Foundation. He is also a dad to five adopted children, with his wife Angela, and knows firsthand what a safe and stable home means to a child.

“Every child deserves a loving, permanent home, not a temporary fix. But unfortunately, over 44,000 young people in Australia don't have a safe and secure place to live.”


Without John and Angela, there is a chance his children could have ended up just another homelessness statistic. His eldest girl, Maddie*, experienced instability up to the age of 4, and was showing signs of trauma when she came to live with John and Angela..

The difference in her now is massive. John puts this down to the feeling of security a safe, and permanent home provides. Unfortunately, not all children will be as lucky as Maddie. 

Without permanent homes to live in, like the ones built by the Property Industry Foundation, too many young people will miss out on a real childhood and chance to thrive.

The sad truth is:

  • As many as 1300 young Australians are potentially homeless right now, living on the streets, under bridges and in cars.
  • Homeless young people live in fear, not knowing what the next day will bring
  • Young Australians that don’t have a permanent residence are at risk of violence and assault

Unfortunately, there is a huge lack of supportive housing for homeless young people. To break the cycle of youth homelessness in Australia, these young people need safe and stable environments.

This means building as many homes as possible. You can help rebuild lives, one home at a time.

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John is calling on the entire property and construction industry, with our shared values, collective expertise and resources, to be part of the sustainable solution to youth homelessness by helping fund new homes, like the project he is leading with ADCO, in Sydney’s West.

“I would encourage all of you to get out there, get amongst it! We are in good times in property, so please give something back.”

With enough funding, the Property Industry Foundation can build homes that create safe and reliable accommodation for young people and give them the chance for a permanent home that ends the cycle of homelessness.

Please make a tax-deductible donation now that gives a young person who needs it the safety, security and warmth of a permanent

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*Names have been changed to protect privacy